Here at Speakfully

We believe that company culture can only improve when trust, transparency and safety are at the core of organizational values. Our platform enables employers to embrace that goal with several unique, stand-out features.

Speakfully was founded as a direct result of workplace mistreatment experienced by our CEO and Co-founder, Jana Morrin.

We offer real-time, proactive data and analytics that reveal what an organization is experiencing at any given moment. This allows leadership to be proactive vs. reactive regarding the types of conversations to focus on internally.

Our platform helps business leaders take an even deeper dive into what’s important to employees with fully-customizable pulse surveys. 

Workplace incidents are rarely one and done. Our tool is an organic approach for employees to track and record as many uncomfortable work experiences as needed.

Unlike other HR reporting tools, we allow all employee experiences to flow directly from the employee to HR without mid-intervention.

When not adopted by an organization, Speakfully can be used for free by anyone looking for a safe space to document professional or personal experiences.