Cultivate a Company Culture Where Everyone has a Voice.

Ready to take a deep dive into corporate culture? By offering Speakfully as an employee benefit, you’re one step closer to cultivating a workplace culture where employees feel supported, safe, and cared for.

How It Works.

Our suite of documentation, reporting and support tools allows employees to speak up safely and discreetly while giving HR and people leaders real-time insights into company culture.

Step 1: Receive employee submissions

Speakfully is easy to use - and employees can voice workplace issues or concerns in a matter of minutes. HR teams are notified every time an employee completes a submission, so you can review experiences and investigate as needed.

Step 2: Investigate with transparency

Whether an employee experience is under review, ready for next steps or completed, Speakfully allows HR teams to easily keep tabs on the status of things while notifying the employee along the way.

Step 3: Take action

Hooray! You’ve reviewed an experience, planned next steps, and kept your employee in the loop along the way. You’ll have the option to export for your files or close out the folder.

Step 4: Analyze, track, improve corporate culture!

Our user-friendly analytics dashboard makes it easy for teams to analyze real-time data on trends experienced within your environment.


Become a Positive Statisic.

78% of employees face some
form of unfair behavior or treatment at work.

Source: Kapor Center

3 out of 4 women who experience harassment in the workplace never report it to a manager.

Source: Forbes

43% of 2,000 employees surveyed want a new job—corporate culture was the main reason.

Source: Hays

Your Privacy Is Our Top Priority.

We know Speakfully is only as useful as your data is secure. We take extreme care in ensuring that your information is safe. To learn more about our privacy measures, click here.