A platform to report workplace concerns or feedback to organizations anytime, anywhere.

SpeakfullyNow for Teams - In the Office or On the Go

Workplace mistreatment doesn’t just happen inside the four walls of an office building. SpeakfullyNow allows employees to anonymously and discreetly document uncomfortable workplace experiences anytime, anywhere.

Whether you’re at your desk, out in the field, or on the go, SpeakfullyNow is as easy as 1, 2. 3. Scan your organization’s QR code or visit the unique URL, submit your experience, anonymously communicate with leaders for more information, and track the status of your submission anytime to learn the actions being taken.

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How It Works

Create Incident or Give Feedback

Scan your QR code or navigate to your organization’s unique URL. Anonymously document the incident or send feedback in a matter of minutes.

Submit & Finalize Details

    When you’re ready to submit your (anonymous) report to an organization admin, you’ll be given a space to create a password and after clicking “Submit” you’ll receive a unique key for tracking. From there, if the admins have further questions about the incident, they can follow up using the messaging feature. 

    Track Submission

      At any time, scan your QR code or navigate back to your organization’s URL to check your report status. You will use the key you were given and password you created at the time of submission. *Be sure to keep your key and password in a safe place!