Why Speakfully? (A Client’s Perspective)

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Tell us a little about yourself and your business!

My name’s Gray Powers. I’m the president of the Powertex Group. We provide brand owners multi-channel merchandise programs.

What has your experience getting set up with Speakfully been like?

Speakfully worked with our HR and executive teams to adapt an approachable onboarding process for each of our teams. The feedback we got from our staff about the initial training and account setup process was overwhelmingly positive

What features have you found most useful for your team?

By nature, Speakfully is a journaling application. Workplace culture is not always influenced by large events that create a dramatic experience (positive or negative), but by the day to day interactions we have with our colleagues. Encouraging our colleagues to journal their experiences helps us learn how we can improve on those little things, every day.

What motivated you to give Speakfully a try?

We’ve had a couple instances in the past that would have been much easier to deal with if we would have had Speakfully in place. In addition to the message (we don’t put up with poor treatment of peers) we want to send to our colleagues, Speakfully also offers us an additional sense of security—if people can speak up sooner, we can act sooner, before small problems become big ones.

What would you say to a business leader on the fence about testing Speakfully out for their team?

Adding benefits is always something that should be approached cautiously. They need to provide the value as intended and they need to be something that you are prepared to commit to for a significant period of time. Speakfully is incredibly cost effective, and has been very easy to administer thus far. In addition we’ve already seen numerous platform upgrades that have enhanced the value delivered to our colleagues.

Has the shift to remote work impacted your team?

Absolutely. I think what’s really impacting working from home more than folks realize  is all the added stress. Our normal lives are all of a sudden not very normal, and that makes it hard. At the same time the solidarity created within this current environment has been a positive result.

What are you doing to ensure everyone feels supported and connected?

We’ve tried to adapt more consistent communication patterns to ensure that we can be counted on to provide timely information. We’ve also tried to increase frequency of team huddles, cross functional projects, and some focused sprints. This has helped us improve our overall position during this time, but it’s also helped to bring our teams closer together by helping them engage in activities that will help us respond to the immediate business challenges. It’s a lot more fun when you’re a part of the solution!

Why is it important to you that your team can speak fully?

There are all kinds of well documented studies on how a strong culture supports a company’s long term financial success, but the part that is often overlooked is its impact on the trajectory of a team member’s personal development. 

As leaders our responsibility is to support our staff members’ efforts in developing themselves to be able to reach their own goals. Their success is our success. If we don’t make it easy and actively encourage all feedback, we are making it harder for us to do our job in supporting them.


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