Speakfully Insider: Ekta Capoor

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Welcome to Speakfully Insider, a weekly series featuring thought leaders on important topics surrounding workplace mistreatment, company culture, workplace safety, social justice, and more.

Please introduce yourself.

I am the co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of an Integrated HR Media platform, Amazing Workplaces in India. I am passionate about workplaces, people, and culture. I believe that Amazing Workplaces are born out of amazing people. I interact with organizations across levels and geographies to create and share niche content for our platform with respect to people and workplaces.

As an expert in workplace dynamics, how have career opportunities for women and minorities shifted in the last decade?

With more and more dialogue being initiated across public forums and workplaces on the subject of gender diversity as well as minorities, mindsets have begun to shift. HR policies related to D&I have slowly become an integral part of the hiring policy. Not just this year, last year we saw an organization called Zomato in India launching the period leave policy for their women employees. Such changes show that organizations are taking inclusivity seriously to attract talent from all quarters.

However, speaking of LGBTQIA+ and PWD, etc., community, much needs to be done in this space. In fact, we often contend that Diversity is not something that needs to be addressed sequentially. For example, as an organization, you cannot say that we need to address gender diversity first, and then we shall address the rest. It has to happen collectively. This space is yet to receive its due in workplaces.

To sum it up, although we have come a long way, a lot many doors need to be pushed open.

Would you say we are making real progress when it comes to a fair and balanced system as it relates to career opportunities globally?

As I mentioned in my previous answer, we are generally more aware but we have to go a long way. I mean, if we are talking about it, it definitely is a concern. There are disparities across the globe in terms of opportunities, salaries, promotions.

Also, while we are still talking about opportunities, it cannot be ignored that giving an equal opportunity as well as maintaining equity is of great importance. Women, PWD’s, the Elderly, LGBTQAI+ all need to be addressed differently.

So while maximum advancement has been made in terms of women's diversity, we still find a dearth of women in leadership positions. So, are we really talking of equity, “NO”!

Hence we need to go to the drawing board and make sure that we reframe our policies. Surely, a lot needs to be done in this space in times to come.

How does your work with Amazing Workplaces contribute to healthier workplace culture?

Amazing workplaces is an HR media platform. In this capacity, we continuously create content to promote thought leadership on the various aspects of creating happy, productive workplaces.

We initiate dialogues and deep, insightful conversations through our platform and share these ideas with the larger audience so that we are able to communicate path-breaking ideas which sow the seed of change in workplaces!

Speakfully is an HR Tech platform specifically designed for employees to document uncomfortable work experiences until they are ready to report, and leadership receives helpful analytics to identify important conversations to be had to ensure healthy workplace culture. Describe how modern tech may make an impact on workplace dynamics and internal communication.

Transparent communication and access to information are one of the key factors in creating a strong culture. When employees know that management is transparent with them in divulging information, they trust the organization. When employees are aware that they can voice their concerns and they are heard, it further strengthens their faith in their leadership and organization. Technology plays a significant role in seamlessly connecting the various levels of the organization. Hence any platform that helps bridge this gap shall help improve the workplace dynamics.

What steps do you believe will help in making workplace mistreatment and fear of retaliation in reporting it a thing of the past?

Organizations need to make an effort to create a safe space through listening, understanding and taking action (either through corrective measures or through internal dialogue). In certain cases, anonymity can be maintained to provide that safe space. I feel that when organizations ensure that they shall take measures to correct a wrong rather than ignore it or punish the complainant, it shall definitely bring the desired change.

If you could sit down with a historical figure to discuss creating a healthier workplace culture and environment for every worker, who would it be, what would you discuss, and why?

I am not sure if I can discuss this with any historical figure. However, I do feel that creating a healthy workplace culture should be a part of every management course curriculum. This should be backed by a study of some of the best workplace cultures in the world not just as a case study but also as an opportunity for an internship.

Where can readers find you online?

Website: amazingworkplaces.co.in

Instagram: @amazingworkplaces

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ekta-capoor/

Twitter: @hr_amazing

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/www.amazingworkplaces.co.in/