Meet the Speakfully team: Nandini, our skilled and passionate product and engineering leader

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Thanks so much for following along on our journey to wiping out workplace insecurity and inappropriate behavior. We’re well aware that this is no small task, but we wholeheartedly believe it’s an essential one. As a web platform and app, obviously we aim to accomplish our objective via technology. All of the best intentions in the world won’t make a difference if our tech isn’t sound!

As users of technology—we are just as guilty of this!—we don’t often think about all the work that goes in behind the scenes to make sure that when someone, say, opens up Netflix and begins streaming The Great British Baking Show, it works! The engineers and product designers are the unsung heroes that let us binge watch pastry challenges, or in our case, chronicle our experiences of mistreatment in the workplace.

And at Speakfully, our unsung hero is Nandini—our Head of Engineering and Product. We literally wouldn’t exist without her vision, talent, and tireless effort! So let’s take a moment to make her less of an unsung hero, and a… well… sung one.

Take it away, Nandini!

Describe your role at Speakfully.

I am Head of Engineering and Product at Speakfully, where I am aiding and solving for workplace culture and mistreatment issues by building a modern, action-driven software product. I strategically help with product vision, execution and technology scale planning to ensure success of our company’s mission. I drive the overall technical roadmap including Product Design, Development, Analytics, Cloud Infrastructure and Tech Stack, driven by an all-remote team of engineers and designers. 

Why were you drawn to work at a company like Speakfully?

As cliché as it may sound, it’s the mission behind the Speakfully vision that drew me in. The fact that Speakfully was founded on the basis of an emotional, negative mistreatment experience and spun it into a noble mission to not only help others with similar experiences, but also to help organizations prevent it, makes it very attractive to me. Jana could have dealt with the situation passively, but she embraced and decided to give back with strength and power. And joining forces with her to solve this problem is immensely satisfying and empowering for my team and me! It’s our chance to humanize the technology that we build and operationalize the passion daily. It helps me bring together my previous experience as a technology leader to support such a mission.

What five words do you think best represent the ideal workplace?

Transparent, Diverse, Respectful, Team-oriented, Customer-savvy. 

What is one thing you wish you could personally tell somebody experiencing a negative situation at work?

Document and speak fearlessly! If you see something, own it and say something. It not only helps you but also aids in preventing a bad cultural precedent. So, do your part. I understand that every negative experience is different and can impact a person in various ways, right from basic productivity to emotions to just plain personal safety. That’s why our product offers a sensitive, intuitive way for a person to carefully navigate the experience by capturing not just the logistical details of what and where things happened, but also how it impacted them. Organizations can assess and action each situation for what it is and also see trends proactively before misconduct becomes the news that brings the business down.

Why do you speak fully? Why is it important for you to be able to be heard in the workplace?

I speak fully so I can be principled and true to myself and those around me. I think it is important to be heard so as to embrace diversity of opinion, skill, good decision-making and values. And to feel a sense of ownership and liberty. I don’t want to have any regrets or what-ifs in my mind..its too constraining and just not fun! ☺