Meet the Speakfully team: Katie, our visionary designer

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You’ve met our public-facing presence in Jen, our engineering expert Nandini, and today, it’s time to say hello to the woman who works behind the scenes to make Speakfully functional as well as easy on the eyes—Katie, our design ace!

Describe your role at Speakfully.

At Speakfully,  I gather research and in-depth insights into our user’s needs and motivations, and translate that  into a visually attractive, intuitive experience for our users. I solve problems through empathy, understanding human behavior, and finding appropriate design solutions. 

Why were you drawn to work at a company like Speakfully? 

What we’re doing at Speakfully is meaningful, relevant and full of passion. I am attracted to everything we represent. We are helping to create a place where no-one has to suffer in silence and fear anymore, where they can find their voice and feel confident. To me, that’s really important. 

What five words do you think best represent the ideal workplace? 

Respectful. Transparent. Inclusive. Engaged. Authentic. 

What is one thing you wish you could personally tell somebody experiencing a negative situation at work? 

You are not alone.  You matter and your voice deserves to be heard.  A solution can be found, only through bringing light to the difficult situation and we are here to help support you and listen. You got this. 

Why is it important for you to be able to  be heard in the workplace? 

So I feel listened to, valued, empowered, and respected by my organization. These attributes make me feel cared about and that I’m being treated equally. This creates a work environment in which I can thrive.