Meet the Speakfully team: Jen, our people-passionate, safer workplace evangelist

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If you’ve been following along with our emails and blog posts for any amount of time, when it comes to what Speakfully is all about, you probably get it. We champion psychological safety at work. We envision a world where no employee is ever mistreated by a colleague or superior. And we advocate for a more transparent work culture, where nobody suffers in silence, and a bright shining light renders shadowy behavior obsolete.

These are undoubtedly some pretty lofty ambitions, but they’re incredibly important and worthwhile. And they’re goals each of our team members not only values themselves, but lives by. With such a committed, hard-working group of individuals striving together, it makes our mission a little less daunting, and a lot more fun to pursue.

One big reason for that collective drive and sense of cohesion—despite our team being fairly spread out geographically—is Jen, our incredible Business Development Executive.

But Jen not only bolsters our collective enthusiasm and inspires us daily, she’s Speakfully’s liason to the rest of the working world! After all, we don’t just want to make our own company a wonderful, psychologically secure place to work—we want every company to provide that for its workers. And that’s what she does day in, and day out: let organizations know what Speakfully offers, and demonstrate how it can help them.

Since there might not be a person who better embodies Speakfully, we decided to ask her a few questions about work and what it means to improve the culture within an organization.

Why were you drawn to work at a company like Speakfully? 

It’s meaningful. It’s innovative. It’s relative to the times. It’s being part of a positive, socially conscious movement contributing to zero tolerance and cultural vigilance. We’re helping employees find their voices but giving them the time and space to do so comfortably and privately until they’re fully ready to release their anonymity to come forward with their conflict. We’re inspiring leaders to address issues head-on, directly, openly, transparently, preemptively. This is a new brand of employee benefit that builds trust and improves people’s overall wellbeing. It’s refreshing to disrupt the status quo for the good of humanity.

What five words do you think best represent the ideal workplace? 

Respectful, Accepting, Open-minded, Compassionate, Driven.

What is one thing you wish you could personally tell somebody experiencing a negative situation at work? 

There is always a solution and it will never be found if the conflict isn’t brought to someone’s attention, and communicated thoroughly—openly, directly, honestly—with the end goal of finding peaceful resolution between all the involved parties.

Why is it important for you to be able to be heard in the workplace? 

To feel valued, to feel respected, to feel part of a collaborative effort, to feel like an equal, to feel empowered, to keep me motivated, to keep me productive. If I’m heard, I feel cared about. If I’m cared for, I never want to let those people down who hold me in high regard down ergo they will earn my complete effort and dedication.