Making Wellness Work

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There’s a lot of research and general assumptions out there surrounding the benefits of corporate wellness offerings. According to the United States Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, employee wellness programs are worth the investment.

  • They in theory lead to more healthy, active employees, which in turn means lower health costs for both your staff, and your business. Businesses in one study, saw a return on investment of $1.65 for every dollar spent on their wellness programs!

  • There’s the general boost in employee productivity that comes from a more physically well staff. Plenty of studies have been done that confirm that healthier individuals miss less work and are more productive while there.

  • The next key takeaway from the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion’s assertion is perhaps the most obvious one: if you are more physically active, chances are you will be a healthier individual! 

  • A properly-implemented wellness program actually has the potential to inspire lasting behavioral changes in employees. This isn’t to say all of your staff members will use their vacation days on yoga retreats or to travel for a marathon, but smaller, more incremental changes can happen.

  • And in one last, highly compelling push in favor of wellness programs, the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion highlights that many states are considering adopting tax incentives aimed at encouraging the proliferation of wellness programs.

That all sounds great! Right? And it seems easy enough, yeah?

While many of these benefits of implementing a corporate wellness program seem obvious, the truth is, there’s more to boosting employee wellbeing and happiness than simply offering free weekly yoga classes in the big conference room down the hall!

As many wellness programs stand, they might succeed in terms of slightly improving physical health for participants, but they fail to meaningfully attract large portions of employees into participation. That’s okay! Sure, if you’re going through the trouble to provide something with the hopes of helping your staff, you’d love for everyone to benefit, but that’s not realistic.

That’s why it’s so essential to cast as wide a net as possible when rolling out an overall employee wellness strategy.

Modern takes on wellness tend to be a bit more holistic than just the measurable aspects of improved physical health. Mental health is a major consideration, and while yes, regular exercise can improve mood, what a workplace can do to positively influence the mental wellbeing of its staff tends to come in the form of supportive policy and programs.

To put it plainly, it’s not enough to offer your employees subsidized gym memberships, or reward those who bike to work every day with a stipend for bicycle maintenance and repair. In conjunction with these sorts of programs, you need to provide resources for your employees mental wellbeing, that makes them feel supported and secure at work.

Speakfully can do just that. You can learn more about what precisely Speakfully offers to teams, and how it can work in tandem with your new or existing employee wellness offerings to help cultivate a happier, healthier, more transparent workplace here