HR Data Can Be Scary. But It’s Necessary.

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Think back to your first time living on your own. 

Maybe you just started a new job; moved into an apartment with a couple of roommates. It’s an exciting time! But incredibly stressful.

You aren’t making a ton of money, and after rent, groceries, gas, student loans, car payments, you are barely breaking even.

The direct deposit hits your bank account every other Friday, and even though you’ve budgeted carefully, twice a month you start to sweat it. One unforeseen expense can break the delicate balance of your personal finances.

It’s the second Thursday of the month, and you get a flat tire on the way home from work. Your heart sinks. You’re pretty sure you’ve got about $150 sitting in checking, and that’s just enough to cover a patch job.

But you’re terrified to check your banking app. What if your calculations are wrong? What if you can’t afford to repair your leaky tire? What if that throws you off everything you’re working so hard to establish?

You sit there in the driver’s seat, feeling out of control of your life. You take a deep breath, then log in and check your balance. You sigh. You have just enough to pay the shop down the street.

Phew. You dreaded looking at some pertinent information, but ultimately realized it was necessary to make the situation right. (And that’s exactly what this lengthy thought exercise is getting at!)

As an HR professional, you’d do everything in your power to help members of your team who are struggling at work due to mistreatment, right?

Well what if I told you Speakfully’s suite of tools includes special functionality for HR staffers, that allows them to view high level overviews of both unsubmitted and submitted reports? 

All user information remains private until submitted. But HR can view aggregate data about incident types, locations, and the quantity of reports, to better understand cultural trends in the workplace. 

As more folders are submitted, the picture can become even clearer. If there’s one specific employee making the lives of their coworkers worse, in a specific but persistent fashion, you’ll find out, and take action immediately.

But what if there isn’t just one bad apple? What if an issue is more widespread? Its roots systemic?

Looking at Speakfully’s HR dashboard and seeing that starts to sound a bit more daunting. It feels like the hypothetical above, where you’re short on cash, with a pressing, costly emergency to handle. You might be understandably anxious. You feel like you have your finger on the pulse of your organization—so it’s unsettling to consider that your read of the room might be entirely wrong.

Knowledge is always power. That doesn’t mean knowledge always feels good!

Ultimately, having more information about the dynamics of your workplace—however initially daunting that may seem—will only make you more effective when carrying out the responsibilities of your position.

The absolute worst case scenario upon gaining greater insights into office culture is that rampant mistreatment abounds. In which case, you have data to inform your subsequent course of action!

But more likely, you won’t uncover a deep, dark conspiracy centered around employee misery. You’ll just uncover data you can use as a baseline, so you’re able to react nimbly and effectively should company morale take a hit. 

Contact us today to find out more about how Speakfully’s HR dashboard can help you protect your team.