How Speakfully Helps Keep a Pulse on Your Organization

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To some HR professionals, implementing a workplace documentation and reporting platform may feel a bit like opening the floodgates. To others, it might seem like no big deal because they believe their organization is running safely and smoothly. 

Oftentimes organizations think that requiring a platform such as Speakfully means things have to be going wrong internally when actually, it means quite the opposite! Providing employees a place to safely and anonymously document experiences, provide positive/negative feedback, and answer survey questions from the organization leads to a transparent, open environment.

Regardless of your stance, navigating the workplace is and continues to be anything but black and white. No matter the severity, workplace mistreatment incidents are challenging to handle. While there are no magic words or platforms that can put an end to workplace harassment, bullying, mistreatment, etc., there are steps your organization can take to get ahead.

Imagine this scenario: 

A young woman accepts a position at a new-to-her organization. In her interview, she felt calm, cool, and confident thanks to the openness and direct nature of her future employer. From the outside, the organization appeared to be everything she was looking for and more. She couldn't wait to get started. 

Fast forward to a few months into her time at the organization. By this point, she’s completed her training and has gotten to know her teammates and boss quite well. The new-job excitement has finally rubbed off and she finds herself occasionally feeling uncomfortable with actions and statements being made toward and about her. 

So, what is the next step? Good question. It depends.

At Speakfully, we understand that everyone is different when it comes to reporting their thoughts or feelings whether negative or positive. For that reason, we created a platform for organizations to adopt as a way to give their employees a voice and to stay current on workplace happenings. 

Our team platform includes the following:

Anonymous Documentation

Our documentation tool allows employees and individuals to record situational details discreetly and confidently. Users can write out their experience and the option to upload attachments if desired. At that point, employees have the option to anonymously submit the incident directly to HR or save until they are ready to come forward. When we say Speakfully runs at the employee’s pace, we mean it!

Real-Time Data and Analytics

Although employees may be actively documenting experiences, it’s common for them to not submit right away. Even if cases are not yet being brought forward, Speakfully’s platform provides real-time, proactive data and analytics that reveal what an organization is experiencing at any given moment. This allows leadership to be proactive vs. reactive regarding the types of conversations to focus on internally. While the potential data may feel worrisome, it’s necessary in order to create and sustain a safe workplace.

Customizable Pulse Surveys

Curious to know what is really going on at your organization? Through fully-customizable pulse surveys, organizations can check in regularly on company-related topics ranging from A to Z. Employees are able to respond anonymously and regardless of whether or not they have used Speakfully to document an experience.


Not every piece of information needs to be documented and/or tracked but is still worthy of being shared with the organization. In addition to documentation, real-time data, and pulse surveys, Speakfully users have the ability to give one-off feedback - positive or negative - regardless of severity. 

When employees have a versatile platform like Speakfully at their fingertips, documenting experiences doesn’t have to be an afterthought. Instead, the topics stay top-of-mind and serve as a way to keep the conversation ongoing about misconduct and uncomfortable scenarios well after new employee handbook discussions and/or annual team training have ended.

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