Top Five Reasons Your HR Team Will Love Speakfully

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For decades, the anonymous reporting hotline has been the gold standard of office mistreatment tools. Isn’t it time for an upgrade? Meet Speakfully, a documentation, reporting, and support resource for organizations of all shapes and sizes. You can find out more about Speakfully’s specific offerings on our site, but these are the five reasons every HR team should think about bringing Speakfully into their organization.

  • Data, Data, Data

Data seems to drive everything in modern business. But when it comes to data and analytics within the corporate world, it can feel like HR is the final frontier. But with Speakfully, your HR team can utilize real-time, actionable data to inform its policy decisions. As users begin documenting instances of mistreatment—before formally submitting it—HR can take a high-level, anonymized look at it all, allowing you to take preemptive action to rectify situations before they worsen.

  • Earn Employee Trust

By introducing a documentation and support platform like Speakfully to your team, you’re making a public proclamation that you are serious about putting a stop to potential—or actual—mistreatment at work. And as you know, an employee that trusts and believes HR is there for their benefit is an employee you are able to help.

  • Provide Support Resources

Not only does Speakfully provide an intuitive interface for discretely documenting and submitting reports of workplace mistreatment, it also packs a suite of support resources. Speakfully users can chat with anonymous peer counselors and research their situation further via a curated library of articles. It can be beneficial for some employees to unpack their situation independently before coming to HR—Speakfully makes that safe and easy.

  • Encourage Fact-Based Reporting

There is a time and a place for anonymity in the process of reporting mistreatment at work, and Speakfully allows for that. But as an HR pro, you’re well aware that there are inherent limitations to what you’re able to do with an anonymous complaint. Speakfully streamlines the process of taking an anonymous recollection of an event to encouraging an employee to come forward, armed with meticulously-kept records of all incidents. By asking the right questions at the right times, Speakfully ensures employees have what they need to speak with HR, with confidence, and feeling secure.

  • Foster a More Open and Communicative Work Environment 

What all of this adds up to, is a workplace that’s more transparent, trusting, and communicative. That means issues can be resolved sooner and more effectively, and eventually, become something so commonly discussed and immediately dealt with that their frequency diminishes.

Contact us today for more information about how Speakfully can be tailored to your organization’s needs.