Employees not coming to you with concerns? Workplace issues may exist whether you hear about them or not. Let Speakfully show you.

Whether it's harassment, bullying, culture issues, bias or general concerns, navigating the workplace is anything but black and white. Speakfully decodes the gray areas and gives business leaders real-time insights into workplace culture.

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The Leading Employee Experience Platform.

75% of workplace mistreatment goes unreported - leaving your employees and organization unprotected. Speakfully makes it easy for employees to voice workplace concerns, document experiences and journal personal issues - safely, privately and discreetly.

For business leaders, Speakfully puts the spotlight on corporate culture by providing real-time insights and analytics on trends taking place within your organization. Thus, helping you cultivate a safer and more transparent workplace.


Why Speakfully?

Employees can speak up

safely and alleviate the uneasiness associated with navigating workplace mistreatment.

Build trust

by demonstrating a commitment to a zero tolerance work environment.

Empower employees

to voice workplace concerns safely, discreetly and without fear of retribution.

Encourage transparency

when both the employee and HR have visibility into how a concern is handled.

Built-in support resources

offer employees additional guidance for navigation uncomfortable experiences in or out of the office.

We may be working from home, but workplace unfairness is more present than ever.

While the entire world is battling the COVID-19 pandemic, there's another, less-talked-about epidemic taking place at work. Bullying, harassment and unfair treatment. How is your organization supporting a remote workforce now and beyond?